Blap Beats

Whole range of fresh beats on the latest install of Future Face radio…

Including WA artist Ylem’s fine LP Disk.151 which sits somewhere between beats and future garage… warm pads, haunting vocal snippets and slow solid beats… digital release a free download too boot… nice!

Disk.151 cover art


Sydney artist Sofie Loizou’s new EP / 10″ Aphoria Horizonte out through Radical Nature Records got both A n B sides slipped into the mix… beautiful floaty pulsing bizness

Aphoria Horizonte EP cover art


On a Melbourne tip, we had to drop some more goodness off Electric Sea Spider’s Supercash… ‘pay what you want’ style, nice

Supercash cover art


On a trap bangin tip, we mixed in Bleep Bloop & Subp Yao’s super new Split EP out thru Portland based label Stylss… again ‘pay what you want download

STYLSS presents: Bleep Bloop & Subp Yao Split EP cover art


The lovely folks from Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle hooked us up with a preview of KRTS forthcoming diverse  bass release, so we spun a few of the gems off that… that’ll be out in a few days time

The Dread Of An Unknown Evil cover art

On another exclusive tip… American label Saturated Records hooked us up with their crankin forthcoming release from Joney called Illowhead… Trap goodness on a minimal tip, no doubt a pay what you want release when it hits the Saturated Records bandcamp

Loads of other gems in the mix, stream the last show from FBI’s on demand serviece @


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