Roleo back for his first show of the year, stream it here

Lot’s of great beats coming out this year already, we got a sneak peak at a few tracks from the new Suff Daddy Ta-Ku collab EP, coming out via MPM on April 5th, two of the finest hip hop prodcuers living in Aus, putting out a dope EP… check the clip for ‘Clap For Me’ and pre-order the album via the link.

Suff Daddy x Ta-Ku – Bricks and Mortar EP


The Mad-Hop series hits us with volume 6… it’s getting faster, juked out and trappafied, and it’s damn good – free DL too.

Mad-Hop vol.6



The always entertaining Donky Pitch crew have put out a new EP from Scotsman Lockah… a very entertaining listen blending smoov purple tones with some hectos juke, trap and bass… only 3.50 GBP get it!

Lockah – Only Built 4 Neon Lights EP



Thanks for tuning in!

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