Beach Beats

A fun show tonight, with Tim and Josh from ‘The Finer Things’ label, ‘This Thing’ boss Wooshie and local champ Nakagin all dropping in for a chat and dropping a few tunes, Wooshie  did an awesome DJ set dropping a swag of unreleased and forthcoming goodness… if you missed it you can stream the show here

Also there was heaps of dope releases coming out last few weeks. First up the third compilation from Melbourne collective ‘Condensed Milk’, featuring local and international favourites including; Suff Daddy, Afta-1, Chief and Oisima to name a few – name your price download from their bandcamp – highly reccomended:

Condensed Milk – Dusty Milk Crates Vol. 3



Lapalux is back with a full length thru FLylo’s Brainfeeder… the album full of swirly distorted tape ambience and female vocals, the beats are sparse, and range from hip hop to house. A very enjoyable listen: Zone out. Buy it from the Brainfeeder peeps.

Lapalux – Nostalchic



Seminal UK beats producer Bonobo is right back to form with his new full length ‘The North Borders’… full of emmotive musical beats goodness in a range of styles, but keeping a classic Bonobo touch. Digital/physical formats available now through the fine folk at Ninja Tune, with digital download

Bonobo – The North Borders


Check the official video for the first single ‘Cirrus’


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