Booty Beats

Fun show last night, with the whole crew in the studio!

Highlights from the week:

Awesome new gangsta-juke-808 compilation from B.Yrslf Division, FREE dl for their facebook fans

B.YRSLF presentsTransistor Rhythm V/A – 808 & Ghettobass



Our italian homie Digi G’alessio is back with an awesome uptempo african inspired EP.. great mix of tribal rhythms with juke flavaz. But it from Lucky Beard Records

Digi – Ivory EP



Melbourne lads Tigermoth and AOI have been collabing on an album together, and word is this is just the outcuts… an awesome raw fuzzy hiphop album FREE dl.

Tigermoth vs AOI – Kendo EP



Out now on original cultures. Lewis James brings some badman gangster beats.. definetely buy this!

Lewis James – Krakatoa



We dropped heaps of forthcoming biz this week as well which we will post up once released: keep an ear out for new new from Slugabed, Duke Slammer, Machinedrum and more.

If you missed the show stream it from the FBI radio website HERE.

FutureFace // 11-1 // FBI94.5


That’s it for this week kids but we’ll be back next Thursday with new beat business.


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