Redfern Beats

Fun show times this week! Also FBiradio is currently in the midst of a supported drive; its all about taking the station to ‘new frontiers’… so sign up and become a supporter @ Full playlist and stream from the show if you missed it are  here.

Here are some of our favorite releases that we featured on the show!

Our friends at stillmuzik have dropped a d o p e compilation dedicated to the ultimate beat quest. Also some interesting side notes on their bandcamp about the software/hardware used for each track. FREE download.

stillmuzik – Looking For The Perfect Beat



The always amazing and eclectic Free the Robots has dropped a FREE EP of some older material in anticipation and hype building for his next full length. 100% Gold

Free the Robots – In Other Worlds EP



A really cool comp dropped the other week as well.. Didnt get to play to much on the show but the whole thing is a really great listen.. another ‘pay what you want too’.. “We made a playlist containing 21 artists going from Abstract Hip-Hop to Downtempo, providing a Jazzy, sometimes dark, melancholic vibe. Still eclectism will be the word in this chapter, putting together different materials and musical arrangement! ”

DLoaw & CO – Secret Garden 2



Mad little EP from two top U.S. producers Minnesota & G Jones, free DL if u like G Jones on facebook

Minnesota & G Jones – Mile High Club



Full Tracklist:

Science Project – From Different Stars info
Sid Pattni – Mr Alpha (Swick_Lewis Remix) info
Free The Robots – Transmission info
BMB Spacekid – Untitled Conact info
Void Pedal – Mauser info
Science Project – Diasporia info
Sasha Dei Monola – Honk World War info
Hairy Knuckles – Stomp info
Evil Needle – Stomp info
Bleep Blop – Supreme info
BMB Spacekid – Staticfeeleen info
Lockah X Tast Tester – U Don’t Know Me (Slick Shooter Remix) info
PaperToy – Can’t Be info
LDWKZN – Natalija info
Shatter Hands – Intro (Tuamie Bootleg) info
Koolade – The Expo info
Free The Robots – Invasion info
Elaquent – Paris By Night info
How Green – O O Oh’ info
Beus Bengal – G13 Amnesia info
Cheif – Up & Down info
Gottland – Mimicry info
Suede Merit – Wired info
Monome – Why Is It I Spend The Day info
Muramasa – Cruel info
Lewis James – Vesuvius info
Bingo Bailey – U Give Gud Luv xxx info
Slugabed – True Born info
Minnesota & G Jones – Be Alright info
Minnesota & G Jones – Blast Off info
Machinedrum – Clissold VIP info
Oscar Corrigan – Funeral Pyre info
Shatter Hands – Scrap Metal (Mute Speaker Remix) info
Dnte – Stoned info
Ribongia – Play Time info
Gottland – Wanderers info
Blood Brothers – Track 01 info
Lockah X Taste Tester – U Dont Know Me info

Listen HERE

 Catch you next week // // 94.5fm in Greater Sydney

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