Weekly Bangers & Mash

Had a super fun show last week with all three future homies in the studio. Bangers galore but these are a few of our favourites:

Perth wonder-kid Ta-ku is back again with another volume of remixed and rescrewed tracks. This guy is unstoppable!

Ta-ku – REϟTWRK VOL​.​II


Saturate Records bring the goods with their latest release from Ganz titled Kraftschleim. Future-psych-garage-glitch-hop from Hamburg for pay what you want goodness.

Ganz – Kraftschleim


South African duo Dank & Card on Spokes join forces to form SEAFOOD. Really super gritty layers of synths and pulverising drums for pay what you want goodness.



Really exciting new stuff from Moscow’s Moa Pillar. Hunting is an excellent 4 tracker full of jittering hats and pulsing grooves with a slightly ethnic flavour. Out through the awesome Fuselab.

Moa Pillar – Hunting


That’s it for this week, got a few very special guests coming up this month so stay tuned on fbook for more details.

Here’s the playlist:

Mark Pritchard – Get Wyld info
Seafood – Savuti Swisha info
Darlo-X – Favela Future Trap info
Ganz – Keep Falling (Obscure remix)
Ta-Ku – Hey Justin Pt 11 info
Swindle – Do the Jazz info
Shy One – 927
Zombie – Prey For Me
11:18 Every – Swamp Burial
Seafood – N1H1 (Slabofmisuse Remix)
Ganz – Follie A Deux (G Jones Remix) info
Jesus – Yorgan
Elli – Alien
Comfort Fit – The Holy Moment
Ganz – Faces (Bios Remix)
Milo Mill$ – Capricorn info
Ganz – Faces info
EAN – Bearface info
Spoonty – Crystal Party info
Denaun Porter – Dutch Master ROland info
Constrobuz – Gymnopaedia info
Wave Racer – Stoopid
Dev 79 – Won’t Turn Down
12:01 Cosmo’s Midnight – The Dofflin (Ta-ku remix) info
Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie info
Moa Pillar – Torchlight info
Comfort Fit – Nitro info
Illume – Deepest Horns
Illume – Defragmentation info
Seafood – Zimbabwe info
Moa Pillar – Airbrush info
Seafood – Datsun Brown info
Ganz – Fire on M info
Mauser – Void Pedal info
Lockah & Taste Tester – U Don’t Know Me (Slick Shoota Remix) info
Ta-Ku – One Thing About Footwork info
Footsie – No Matter info
Josip Klobucar – Sad Space Story info
Jantsten – When The Beats Drop (Research Chemicals Mix) info
Mark Prichard – Manabadman info
DJ Pound – Sweet Bayybe info
Monk – Truman Shuzz info
Yosi orikawa – Wandering

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