Beat Kids

Fun show timez.. so much good music coming out, and Sydney is killing it right now.. played heaps of Sydney stuff! Shouts to Moonbase Commander, Kilter, Hayden James, Wave Racer, Black Vanilla and all the other cats coming up!

Apart from that dopeness, here are our favourite releases from the last week or so.

iLL SUGI – Slave of Junk System

Our french friends at Cacade Records dropped this mad casette of Japanese boombapper iLL SUGI.. cool lofi hiphop instrumentals here you can purchase a casette or digitally.


Black Vanilla – Black On Black On Black

This beatape is rad! 3 Sydney cats dropping some sleazy R&B influenced dance and hiphop jams.. featuring lads from the Scene including Scissor Lock of Collarbones fame. Its FREE and fun. Get it.


Team Supreme – Vol 68

This collective drop weekly beat tapes, based around certain samples and with only 1 hour each to make a beat.. we have featured these a few times before, but i was definetely feeling this one.. get aquainted!

This week’s rules and samples were provided by @kinghenryla

Tempo: 130bpm

Artists on this week’s roster:
Kenny Segal:
Croc Deals: X Ostor:
Auto Lion:
Ruff Draft:
Skepp & Hawk:


Jonwayne – Casette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape

LA beat maker/MC dropped his latest casette as a FREE download too. Do cop this it’s dope biz – always keen to hear more from this lad.

Download it direct HERE


If you missed the show. Dont live in Sydney or possibly dont listen to the radio at midnight on a weeknight for some reason, steam Future Face here.

Full tracklist:

Daixie – Placebo info
Hubert Davis – Salute Da Nightime info
Notuv – Hiatus info
Jonwayne – Altitude info
DuFrayne – The Tooch info
Black Vanilla – Amman Jordan info
Ill Sugi – Cream Melted
Jonwayne – The Ritz
Ill Sugi – Martial Arts
Sango – Fruitfull
How Green – O’ O’ Oh
Bilal – Fast Lane (Roleo Remix)
DJ Lok – Asleep
DOC Mastermind – Cold Steel info
DJ Pound – Who knows but whatever its all good
Honey Bee – Coco Bryce
Ill Sugi – On and On info
Shobbleconz – Fingatips info
Black Vanilla – New Talk info
headshotboyz – Rosemary info
Sid Patni – Mr Alpha (Swick Lewis Remix) info
Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Kilter Remix) info
Hayden James – Permission To Land (Charles Murdoch Remix) info
KLP – Down South (Moonbase Commander Remix) info
LiL Texas – Shaba info
Ghost Mutt – Bitch Don’t info
heRobust – Bring The Rain info
813 – Floristique info
Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (Wave Racer Remix) info
Trian Kayhatu – Kumiko info
Seafood – n1h1 info
Diger Rokwell – Coast info
Sampha – Rainstars (Instrumental) info
Comfort Fit – Go Hotrod Go info
Dam-Funk – Loyalty info
Egadz – Ghost
Team Supreme – Vol 68 info

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