Bondi Beats

Sup blogosphere? Had a fun show last night with roleo holding down the fort. If you wanna listen back to the show, you can stream on demand here. We previewed some forthcoming DJ Rashad & MoonDoctor, Lakim & chucked in some recent favesies for good measure.

Highlights from the last week or so…


Our homies at Laruche Records just dropped some killa future funk from DOC Mastermind. Such 80’s vibes. Only $5 EU too. good times.

DOC Mastermind – 1985


Perth blog homies Pilerats dropped a dope free release, heaps of upcoming Australian producers on this, especially from the Die High crew. FREE and DOPE

Pilerats – Rat Pack Vol #1


Breif post sorry >>> but stay up with us on facebook for occasional posts.

Full playlist:

Junglemire – MOW

Lakim – Need Want

G-Rad – Drunk Out

Hermitude X Flume – Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip)

Lakim – The Abyss (feat. High Klassified)

Boeboe – Bout Dat

Illumes – Big Cactus

Option Command – Only With You

Cheifs X Vaske – On That Fly

Sable – Master Key

Domba – Bipolar

Tall Black Guy – The Motor Is Running

Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells (Andrea Remix)

Axion117 – s

FilosofischeStille – The Red Line

DJ Rashad & Monndoctor – All We Came To Do Is Party

dibiase – Cant See Us pt. 2 jukin

Dj Rashad & MoonDoctor – Dont Blow My High

Rattraps & Subp Yao – Dope & Guns

DJ Spinn & Moondoctor – We Get High

King Henry – Kingdom Of Love

Feldmaus – Vastpoint

Samuel Truth – Imaginations & Love Stories

The Sufi Vendetta – Granular Ambience

Esta – God Of Da Block

ItzMe – For You

DOC Mastermind – She Treats Me Right (feat. Amin Payne)

DOC Mastermind – Bonus Track (El Train Remix)

Iamnobodi – Bubble Bath Dreams

Catlips – Closed Eyes info

Oscar Corrigan – All The Way

ElmntryB – Beauty & Pain

Wayvee – Sentinel Beach (Samuel Truth Remix)

Ylem – Afterglow

Lakim – Superb

Mr Carmack – Felt Nothing Today

The Other Side – Drop Top

Paces – Open Up Your Eyes (Cheifs Remix)


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