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Favesies releases from the last few weeks:


Some great beats from this yung Baltimore gun.. put out for free by our friends HW&W Recordings

Ridin’ Round

by Tek.lun


Well known and much loved Newcastle hiphop producer and DJ Jaytee has dropped a sweet well overdue EP, vibing on straight up hiphop and trap influences. FREE download this now. killa

Cold Blue

by Jaytee


Loscoe is a 4 man collab from Belgium, with some BIG experimental ambient trap vibes. luv this.

Soulection White Label: 007

by Loscoe


Some of these beats have been released in various other forms… but if you are into the heavier darker side of trap and beats, cop this gold from Saturate and Clap Your Feet.

Mondaze Finest Vol. 1

by Clap Your Feet


Listen to FUFA 030414 HERE


Daktyl – Do Without (Chief Remix)

Elaquent – Yessss. (Floetry Say Yes Remix)

Smika – 81 = 42″

Ta-Ku – Shwuak

Insightful – It’s All In My Head

Carpet Patrol – Game Of Tork

shagabond – Milk/Cookies

Oisima – Glow (83 Remix)

M-Phazes – Put In Work

Dj Pound – Shiee

Charred Comp80 – Hyupiana

Tek.Iun – Wurly

Gilespy – My Little Selfie

Dear Lola – Cosmetics

Lockah – Contact With Big Lockah

ima – window ripping

Da-P x Tigerblood – Rock U (Seventh Wonder Edit)

Losco – Wheninfo

Insightful – Out There

Tek.Iun – Get Me.

Tek.Iun – Ascension feat. Lakim

Oscar Corrigan – All The Way

Paces – Open Up Your Eyes (Cheifs Remix)

Jaytee – Cold Blue

Noah Harvey – Knockturnal

Jaytee – Drift

3LLL – ????

Ganz & Eloq – Fortress

Leon Osborn – Rolls

SBTRKT – Stifle

Oxossi – Tippy-Toeing

Slugabed – Girl Fuk You

Haan808 – Past Time Lines

NoMad – Jago’s Pressure

Axion117 – S

Igloohost – Indian Elephants


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