Tunes! Apologies for the lack of updates, we’re back on track now. If you missed last nights show, listen back HERE.

Jimmy Pé – Insomnia

Put out through the excellent Gergaz label, Jimmy Pé steps it up a notch with Insomnia. Beautiful floaty synth work, crunchy beats and a constantly shifting sound palette = top notch release.



DZA – Big Bang

Riding that futuristic Russian club wave – DZA brings out the bangers for Activa Benz (Slugabed’s label). Expect squelchy bright synths and floor smashing kicks, plenty of fun on this one.



Ears – Porcelain Giants

We’ve been playing a bunch of this over the last month from Sydney beat maker/all round nice guy Ears. Porcelain Giants brings the fuzzy analogue goodness lifting off from where Red Silhouettes left us with a more dubby vibe but with that unmistakable Ears sound.



Oxossi – Electric Travels

Put out by the excellent Beatflakes blog/label, Oxossi brings the bass this week. Deep down-tempo smashers with hints of juke,  trap and filled to the brim with bass. Free or name your price styles.



ILLingsworth – Better Catch It

Nice little beat tape from ILLingsworth to finish off. Pushing that experimental boom bap and bringing the head nods.



Playlist below:


Kidkanevil – All is Lost info
Deft – A Little Kiss info
Insightful – I Can See
VesperTown – Tuff Luv info
The Other Side – Call Me When You Need Me
Abjo – Trip the Light Fantastic
SteLouse – Joyride info
PYRMDPLAZA – Games info
Jaytee – Cold Blue info
DZA – Big Bang info
Joker – Head Top info
Jimmy Pe – Hwarang info
RL Grime x What So Not – Tell Me (GANZ Flip) info
Joker – Deserted Island info
VesperTown – Royal Flash
Oxossi – Helios info
Jimmy Pe – Toy Box info
DZA – Macross Plus
813 – XOXO info
Joker – Mario Ting info
Oxossi – Old Pianist info
Ears – Porcelain Giants info
Deft – Emeralds info
Kidkanevil – Butterfly/Satellite. feat Cuushe & Submerse
ILLingsworth – dialex
Tarzan – L’Homme-Singe info
Duktus – Welcome info
ILLingsworth – x64 info
ILLingsworth – takingalltypesofmedicine
Duktus – Moving Fingerz
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (Submerse Remix) info
Mute Speaker – Djinn No Tonic info
Duktus – Fly Baby Fly info
Deflon x Panther God – I Tried
ILLingsworth – London info
Jimmy Pe – Buzzout info
Jimmy Pe – Insomnia info
Tinashe – Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)



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