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this week on FUFA, so much goodies friends. please do peep. we played lots of forthoming biz in there too, so look out for newness from MAD HOP, Darker Than Wax X Cascade + more.

if you missed the show, stream it here >> http://fbiradio.com/program/future-face/



Eyes On / So Fine EP

by Meare

Sydney junior don Meare has just dropped possibly the freshest local release of the year? thick dancefloor vibes, with hints at hiphop and burial-esque atmos.



by Soulection

Them Soulection dudes always bring the heat! This comp is to celebrate 100,000 soundcloud followers, full of chilla vibes in a slightly more house direction than normal… dope.


ITALDRED – Chronic Organicism Part 1.

by Italdred Records

wow! This is a seriously THICK compilation, looks like its only A to C too which is exciting. Fre download with many FUFA faves in there.


Kaytranada – Whatever

normally when you see people drop a free release with no real push or artwork etc you expect to take it for what it is, but damn this free release Kaytra dropped is very very dope, do not sleeP



Peace till next with from Tobio & Roleo aka FUFA // FBI Radio


Meare – Eyes On

starRo – Lust

Leon Osborne – Rolls

Mr. Carmack – Preeeeeemo

EllisRegina – OTrenAzul (Neguim Remix)

Abhi-Dijon – Let You Know (Neguim Remix)

Meare – So Fine

Pixelord – Google Yourself

Hairy Knuckles – I Know Your Waiting

Samename – Nuriko

A Sol Mechanic – Fixation

Eprom – Rok U

Kaytranada – Not TO Play With

Coco Bryce – The Lover   info

Fitz Ambro$e – Good Vibration

axion117 – George Meets George

Ill Sugi – Buba      info

[KSG] – Chop.Fried.Skrimp

Chief – Count In  info

Kaytranada – Regrets

Haotic – Chocolate Room

Bambooman – Knox

Jacob 2-2 – Riker’s Beard

De’kcuf – Coconut Bounce

Victory Garden & John Pon(d)scum – Gigawatt

El. Train – Solar Monsoon

Hyena – Haydiroket

Dalt Wisney – Silkworm

en2ak – A Thing About A Purple Moon

Loscoe – BDC



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