Huge show this week with special guest Kwze joining us in the studio. If you didn’t catch his killer set you can listen back HERE.

A few of our favourites below:



Last Scratchie in the Shop

by Kwze

Our special guest this week released a tasty EP just this week, freely available for a facebook like. Plus he has a new EP in the works which you got a taste of last night.





Welcome to the Fishbowl

by Maybewise

Maybewise outta west Philly release their debut EP on Belgian Man Records. Sparse abstract percussion and deep pulsing bass galore, really special stuff here. Name your price styles.





Scaredy Cat

by Robo-Lantern

Out through Free the Beats comes a tasty treat from Sydney’s Robo-Lantern. Hypnotic dreamlike synths pulsated by booming bass and solid beats to get your head nodding.





Appetite for Production

by Mux Mool

Mux Mool back in action with this one through Super Best Records. It seems like a while since I’ve heard new stuff from Mux but he is definitely back in action. Name your price styles!





Slamagotchi – Vibrations info
The Other Side – So Gifted info
Pixelord – Tripple Star info
Maybewise – No One Else info
Robo-Lantern – Bandito info
Noah Harvey – Basement Redux info
Submerse – Struck Out info
John Pon(d)scum – Brux info
Melty – Access Denied info
20syl – C.Y.D.T.T. (Can You Dance To This?) info
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Three AM (Bleep Bloop Remix) info
Traaftwerk – Bangerbells info
D Tiberio – Let Her
Krne – Aryah
Kwze – Live Set info
Traaftwerk – Ravehood info
EP – Love Drunk
Slamagotchi – Twin info
Robo-Lantern – Upside Down Frown info
Jailo & Kappa Kavi – Chillhood info
Mux Mool – Finish Her
Free the Robots – Two Snakes info
Elbee – Zeldomeld info
Mux Mool – Galore
Slamagotchi – Night Crawler info
20syl – Kodama info
Mux Mool – Weederlude
Maybewise – Welcome to the Fishbowl

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