Future Fush

Tasty tasty treats this week. Played a bunch of tracks from the forthcoming Submerse album and also Gem Drops Four

Both coming out later this month so we’ll be playing more from these over the next few weeks. Played a lot of down under bizz too, so many great producers right now, big ups to the local talent!

Some of our favs below…


The High Tape

by Harris Cole

Chicago dude Harris Cole drops this delightful gem. Some super head nod beats on this one, really chill with just the right amount of funk thrown in for good measure. Out through Blvnt Records




Before We Leave

by Krampfhaft

Debut album from Krampfhaft out now through Rwina Records. Dark atmospheric synths muddled with clanging metal percussion and big bottom end. Grab it on vinyl or digital through the usual suspects.



In Half Light

by This Mess

Debut full length from Wollongong duo This Mess. Full of souldful vocals, luscious synths and punchy percussion. Very tasty vibes indeed. Pay what you want styles



Artificial Remixed

by Malou Morkeberg

Just a few months after her debut release comes this great remix album. Out through Broken Bubbles and gathering talent from all over, definietly a list of producers to keep an eye on. Pay what you want stylie


Playlist below:


Krampfhaft – Before We Leave info
M. Constant – Fumes
James Blake – Life Round Here (Sh?m Bootleg Remix) info
Elbee – Mute Hatch info
Krne – Jangle info
Kwze – Burnnn
Devonwho – Sunder info
Krampfhaft – Dormant Code info
Anomie – First World Problems info
Dystrophin – Strike Out
Able8 – Nintendoe info
Krane – Aryah info
Djao – Shadow info
Noah Harvey – BasementRedux info
Swarvy – Creepin info
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Malou Morkeberg – Sim Jtandridge (Sh?m Remix) info
Player 2 – Suckman Rides the Quaser
Baauer – Clang info
Krampfhaft – Mostly Empty Space info
Hairy Knuckles – Paul Signac info
Bleep Bloop & The Originalz – De Fiver info
Krampfhaft – Waiting for Emma
Pixelord – Mist info
Deep Shoq – Eager info
Virtual Proximity – Outside Looking In info
Submerse – Cut From The Team info
Kwze – Dollar info
20syl – Kodama info
Free the Robots – Frownin (Robots Edit) info
Submerse – Shoreline info
Harris Cole feat A Sol Mechanic – Eternal Sunshine
This Mess – Glowbe info
Maybewise – Welcome to the Fishbowl info
This Mess – Interlude info
Harris Cole – Changes (w/ Dr. Dundiff) info
Submerse – Snorlax info
Malou Morkeberg – Intergalactic Oompa Loompa (Jacob 2-2 Remix)
Malou Morkeberg – Altered States (Blood Boy Remix) info
Submerse – Tapes info
Harris Cole – Grind (w/ CYGN) info
Lone – Meeker Warm Energy info



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