Fresh Future Friday!

.. welcome to fresh future fridayl were we post out favesies releases of the late week or so… if ya missed the radio show, stream on demand at FBIRADIO.. also we are now getting replayed on FBi Click 6am and 6pm Wednesday nights. digital radio is so future….



Russ Liquid – In Love

This free album from Russ Liquid is totes worth having to click the download button on each of the 15 tracks. a more chilla baby making vibe from russ.



Skydreams – SKY07


Sydney crew Skydreams just dropped a new tape.. featuring a few nice selections of beat, including a standout jam from option command! #FREE


Meare – So Fine/Eyes On remix EP

Our m8 Meare stopped by for a special mix a few weeks back, was very dope. he dropped this PaperToy remix in there which is now out!


Playlist :::

Russ Liquid – NYC Blue   

This Mess – Glowbe       

Option Command – Webz            

Slamagotchi – Night Crawler       

Boats – Official  

Mux Mool – Weederlude             

Haan808 – Paris Talks     

Go Yama x Elaquent – Taste So Sweet Real          

This Mess – Side By Side                info

Baloon The Boom – Tonight Part II           

Trian Kayhatu – Beats For B         

JuSoul – Untitled              

Bingo Bailey – Hit Fit       

Free The Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit)

Doshy – Redworm           

Harmonic313 – Cycletron              

DOC Mastermind – Cold Steel

Meare – Eyes On (fm Remix)      

De’kcuf – The Joker        

tomtom – Lorenzo          

Mono/Poly – Ra Rise      

Beat Gates – Stoned Balkans      

Evil Needle & Sivey – Royal Jelly

Swarvy – Creepin             

Ruff Draft – Greatest Feeling      

Maybewise – No One Else           

Russ Liquid – How Long 

Baauer – Clang   info

Meare – So Fine (Papertoy Remix)          

Melty – Underground Lake         

Rustie – Raptor  info

Jailo & Kppa Kavi – Why Don’t You (boeboe remix)            i

Doshy – Midnight Request Line 

Hidden Peaks – Don’t Want To Swim       

Pixelord – Google Yourself          

Loscoe – BDC     

Gilespie – Love On The Desktop


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