Future Fish

Tunes galore!!!




Black EP

by Asian Grandfather

Sydney local beat aficionado Asian Grandfather back with some heat. Out through Communication Records for pay what you want styles. Tune in next week to hear him live on air.




Toy Machines

by Afta-1

Tokyo producer Afta-1, always making delightful tunes and this one is no exception. Tasty melodic works with punchy beats weaving psychadelic lines.





by Scientific

Out through Cosmonostro comes this killer little EP from Scientific. Scattered beats and lush melodies a plenty, very crisp!





by Dagmxy

New super group comprised of Doc Mastermind, Go Yama and Axion 117. Beats to bounce your heads and just the right amount of funk, out through Expansions Collective.







Forrest Ensemble – Blue_UM1
Lorn – Upside Down Cops info
Kwze – The Fallout Part 1
Afta-1 – Light Expanding All Existence info
Afta-1 – Darkness Folding info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin
P-80 – Vertigo info
Boats – Xylo info
Scientific – Porcelain
Full Crate x Mar – Man x Woman (JAWZ version) info
Asian Grandfather – Afternoons
Asian Grandfather – Black info
P-80 – Amethyst info
Lusine – Forks info
TroyBoi & Evil Needle – Drive info
Futro Beats – Ground Control
Scientific – Fly
Anomie – First World Problems info
Scientific – Dispersion
Dagmxy – DlphinOnthepianO
Memotone & Soosh – The Roofwalker info
Fractions – Cold info
DJ Shadow – Six Days (Machinedrum Remix) info
All These Fingers – Watts
All These Fingers – Letting Go
deadxbeat & discoburger – through time
Dagmxy – Asa info
Dagmxy – Triangle JazzZ
Daisuke Tanabe – Expo
Mura Masa – Miss You info
Scientific – Somniac info
Dagmxy – Salam
Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – LayLow (mfp remix) info
Elbee – Who Likes Virtual
Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – Sunset on Saturn (Budamonk Remix)
Dagmxy – BionicLung
Asian Grandfather – Don’t Know Why
deadxbeat x discoburger – sensation
Durban Poison – Hills Alive
Option Command – Flames

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