Future Flavours

Asian Grandfather joined us in the studio for a special mix this week, you can catch it here plus plenty of new tunas below



Collision Remixed

by Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom

Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom’s Collision gets the ultimate remix workout. Some super talented producers around the world get their hands on these beats and leave their signature tastes to make some killer combos. Out through Parisian label Cascade Records




Never Leave

by Nollores

UK producer Nollores drops his debut album. Only stumbled upon this recently and it’s killer, 24 tracks of tasty synths and beats galore. Pay what you want styles




Stussy x Soulection Compilation

by Soulection

Soulection teamed up with Stussy for some super fine threads plus this rad compilation. You know what to expect, grab it




Feel the Cosmos

by Bleep Bloop

Bleep Bloop’s new banger out on the fantastic Saturate Records. All the producers coming through Saturate Records have really carved out a new sound for future bass/trap. Always great to hear new stuff form them and Bleep Bloop shreds it this time. Favourite track is probably Mosquito.







Option Command – Flames
Kwze – The Fallout Part 1
PYRMDPLAZA – Mantralu info
Mndsgn – Homewards
Nollores – Dead
J-Louis – Perserverance
Eli Muro – Dreamtime Hunter
Asian Grandfather – Live in the mix info
Mr. Carmack – Bells info
Abjo – Three info
Mustapha Mond – Grimoire info
Nollores – Hometown
Scientific – Porcelain info
Boats – Xylo
Mndsgn – Sheets info
Bleep Bloop – Sentinel (feat. G Jones) info
Meare – Meareillionaire info
Bleep Bloop – Between Violet and Red info
Evil Needle – Antidote info
Mndsgn – Txt (MSGS) info
Bleep Bloop – Mosquito info
Jozz Scott – Neurochem info
Bleep Bloop – Something Impossible info
IAMNOBODI – When You Know It info
Entheo – Aura info
A Sol Mechanic – Just Pick Me Up
Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – Sunset On Saturn (Budamonk Remix) info
Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom – Moon to Mars (Submerse Remix) info
Ike Slimster – The Vibe info
Nollores – Terminal Illness

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