Faced Futured

Tunes galore this week with big releases from Darker Than Wax and Italdred. We’re also getting closer to the release of FuFa Music Vol 01 so expect to hear a whole bunch of Sydney producers in the next shows.



Midnight LP

by Domba

I missed this one released back in late July but it’s got some dope boom bap and the dude’s from Sydney too. Name your price stylez.




Hollow EP

by ichiro_

Japanese beat maestro ichiro_ is back with a super stylin EP. Beautifully fuzzy found sounds and melodic lines with tasty tasty drums all for free!




10k Compilation

by Darker then Wax

Soundcloud has decided to go funny this morning so unfortunately no sound previews but this comp is killer. Having reached 10,000 fans on fbook, DtW gives us the goods. Free download





by Italdred

Another amazing compilation from Italdred featuring stax of FuFa favourites for pay what you want styles.







Lorn – Estrangled
Lapalux – Movement I, II & III info
Penthouse Penthouse – When it Rains feat. Stwo
Slugabed – Did You See Me Was I Going Fast
Loft – Impulse Supply
Nollores – Homestown
Anenon – Karma info
ichiro_ – hollow info
Scientific – Porcelain info
Laxe – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now info
ShunGu – Calcul_84 info
ichiro_ – KagaMariko info
Ryan Hemsworth – Body Pillow (with Ricky Eat Acid) info
PYRMDPLAZA – Mantralu info
Moods – Flashback info
Drip Drop – Final Destination info
Just a Gent – Warlock Masquerade info
IFF – LDR info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Evil Needle – Antidote info
Penthouse Penthouse – Private Jet info
Scientific – Dispersion info
Monkeyrobot – Generation info
Jasper Staal – Yokel info
Bleep Bloop – Something Impossible info
Jozz Scott – Neurochem
Flying Lotus – Cronus, The Terminator info
Mndsgn – Sheets info
ichiro_ – Torpedo info
Domba – Countin’ Stars info
Entheo – Click info
Vesper Town – Trifecta
Beatmachinearon – Jrny info
Samuel Truth – Emerald info
Jael – Komebac
Domba – Campfire Talk
Hairy Knuckles – I.C.B.W.B.I.F.L.S.C.B.G.O. info
Irregular Expression – Exponents info
Elbee – Who Likes Virtual
Kid Fiction – Life and Palace
A Sol Mechanic – Sidewalkin’

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