FUFA Weeklies

Getting closer and closer to FuFa Music Vol 1, we’ll definitely be posting up a few tracks in the coming weeks.



Drugs EP

by Mr. Carmack

A collection of tracks he’s beenplaying out live over the last year. Big bottom heavy tunes with that iconic Carmack sound. Name your price styles.




Mongo Maracuja

by Persian Empire

Just 4 tracks but very very tasty suff from this German producer. Out through the kind folk at Cosmonostro, name your price dealo.





by j^p^n

Super cruisey beats from Japanese beat maker j^p^n. Favourite track is White T but they’re all good and full of that old school boom bap vibe.





Wermonster – Sound der Stadt (Able8 remix)
j^p^n – pearl info
Hypnotic 718 – Separation Anxiety
Lost Twin – Snake Snake info
Kid Fiction – Blown Glass Bells
Able8 & U-Wish – Play info
Matt Esque / Dan Source – Summit (sourcesque mix)
Doc Mastermind – WLHLM SCRM
Matt Esque / Dan Source – Extra Hour (sourcesque mix)
Stimulator Jones – Side Stepp info
Doc Mastermind – Space Homeboy (Prequel Reboot)
Doc Mastermind – I Want my CornerZ
Mr. Carmack – Kick It Up info
Lost Twin – The Inmost Light
Domba – Countin Stars’ info
Mr. Carmack – Insanity and this Music Industry info
Stwo – With You info
Druid Cloak – Quills
Arp 101 – Slam info
Moods – Flashback info
Kwze – Back Tatt Chicks
Entheo – Saturate
j^p^n – white t info
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Persian Empire – Mongo Maracuja info
Roleo – Ficcle Dildo
Persian Empire – Jugo info
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes info
Conrank – Beatdough info
Da-P – Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack remix) info
PYRMDPLAZA – Mantralu info
Evil Needle – Antidote info
Braedon Bailey – H O W L
Mr. Carmack – Drugs info
Anomie – First World Problems info
SteLouse – Sixteen (Leon Osborn Remix) info
Monkeyrobot – Generation info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Druid Cloak – The Tusk info
Mr. Carmack – Money is for the Rent Not for the Soul info
j^p^n – bb
Lockah – Cleft N Twain info
Lorn – Entangled

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