Fucha Fase

Plenty of tunes this week from all over the place. If you missed the show catch it here



Vibração Comigo (Vibe With Me)

by AbJo

AbJo brings his unique flavour to a bunch of Brazillian samples. Festival bangers for sure. Name your price styles




The Forest Remixes

by Paul Chin

Out through the excellent Cosmonostro, Paul Chin’s The Forest gets the remix treatment. A solid selection of producers from all around bringing their own quirks to each track. Some pretyy killer tracks on this one.




Monolith EP

by Danny Scrilla

Scrilla bringing the bass this week! This guy has a knack for making dark and exciting tunes with extra bottom end. Always fun





AbJo – Saudade info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Blaze Tripp – We Here info
Blockhead – FTW
Paul Chin – See the Forest (Swimming TV Remix) info
2SHDWS – Mesmerize
Wild Kid – Done Wrong info
Dorian Concept – Draft Culture info
Loft – Impulse Supply info
Wild Kid – Pop It info
Jon Phonics Feat. Tabanca – With Direction (Slugabed Remix) info
Fade – When I Close My Eyes info
Boxcutter – Travel by Dragonfly info
SufYan – Nu Branches info
Blaze Tripp & Rattraps – Indifferent info
GO Yama – Microsunrise info
AbJo – Ceu info
Monk Fly – Sun Rise
This Mess – Glowbe info
Wermonster – Sound der Stadt (Able8 Remix) info
Dorian Concept – Trophies info
SufYan – Ashrinkail info
Paul Chin – See The Forest (Go Yama Remix)
SufYan – Ownworld info
axion117 – Life Cycles
Entheo – Saturate
Paul Chin – Phantom Limbs (JUD Remix) info
Subp Yao – What It Do info
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Subp Yao – Sum Sum (feat. Doop) info
Danny Scrilla – Hindsight info
Wild Kid – Pop It (Slugabed Remix) info
Doc Miles – EZ
Deft – Promise Me
Jozz Scott – Neurochem
Deft – Drawn
Danny Scrilla – The Rift

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