Weekly FF

Did I mention Future Face put out a compilation? No? 22 Sydney artists giving you the raddest beats possible for free download, check it out. If you missed this weeks show you can catch it here



Paragon Collective Volume 1

by Foundations Recordings

A very tasty compilation from Foundations Recordings featuring artists that are pushing the boundaries in interesting ways. Name your price styley…




Ballet Happiness

by Bläp Dëli

Lovely melodies and thumping kick drums, first time I’ve come across Blap Deli and he’s got a huge back catalogue too. Fun listening times ahead. Out through the excellent Pragmatic Theory label.




In It’s Natural Habitat

by Keoo Nic

Sydney dude Keoo Nic hit us up this week with a tasty EP, combining cinematic pads and stuttering machine synths plus round and thumpy beats. Check him on Facebook for a free downlaod





Deft – Vapid (Pt. 1) info
Entheo – Saturate info
Gillepsy – iThink info
Wols x Crystal Creal – 0DATA
Lido – Money (Lindsay Lowend Remix) info
Keoo Nic – In Its Natural Habitat
Blap Deli – Touching Glass info
WOLS x Crystal Creal – Glassdown info
Kwze – Rough Women info
Oxossi – 60x9mm info
Blap Deli – Toonami info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Trian Kayhatu – Hymn (Sh?m laid back remix) info
Trian Kayhatu – Suture info
My Kingdom – Vertigo
Blap Deli – Gravel info
Singularis – Head Up info
Beshken – Doubt info
j^p^n – bb
Dailon – Fate info
Anomie – First World Problems info
Jonny Faith – Zheng info
Thriftworks – In EXS info
j^p^n – pearl info
Futro Beats – Spacewalk info
Deft – Promise Me info
My Kingdom – Falling Down
G Jones – Terminal 3
Thriftworks – pad FUKKK info
Keoo Nic – Boardwalk
Boxcutter – Travel by Dragonfly info
Thriftworks – Wooming info
Morillo – S.S.S.
My Kingdom – The Sirens
Tobacco Rat – pfunk 600 info
WOLS – Mousetrap Season Boundary ’00

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