Last post of the year

So many good tunes this year from all over the world but I think Sydney/Australia really stepped up their future beat/bass game.
We didn’t get a chance to play all our favourites but here’s what we did play:

Mr Carmack – Money is for Rent Not for the Soul info
Subp Yao – Dat Thing info
Domba – Bipolar info
Persian Empire – Mongo Maracuja info
Maybewise – No One info
Eloquent – Yesssss. (Floetry Say Tes Remix)
Jeftuz – Spaced Out info
Melodiesinfonie – Galactic Wellness info
Swarvy – Creepin info
M. Constant – Funes info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Scientific – Porcelain info
Joker – Head Trip info
Anomie – First World Problems info
Boeboe – Drift info
Iglooghost – Indian Elephants info
A Sol Mechanic – Fixation info
Know V.A. – Flew info
Flying Lotus – Cronus, The Terminator info
Haan808 – Paris Talks ft. Monk info
Losco – XXXX info
Mr Carmack – Kick It Up info
Insightful – It’s All in My Mind info
El. Train – Lucid Dreams info
Free the Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit) info
JuSoul – Untitled info
Slamagotchi – Take Flight info
Maloon the Boom – Sinister Dance info
Hiatus Kaiyote – The World It Softly Lulls (Dan Marshall Flip) info
Jacob 2-2 – Riker’s Beard info
Deft – Promise Me info
Jozz Scott – Neurochem info
Boats – YUP info
Mr Carmack – Blouses info
Samuel Truth – Black & White info
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (KRTS Remix) info
S.F.T. – Tokyo Swing info
Ben Bada Boom & Amin Payne – Sunset on Saturn (Budamonk Remix) info
Wermonster – Sound Der Stadt (Able8 Remix) info
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (Submerse Remix) info
Defton x Panther God – I Tried
Bambooman – Knox info
Comfort Fit – Hypnic Jerk info
Aphex Twin – Produk 29 info
Mono/Poly – Ra Rise info
Laxe – Claps info
Oscar Corrigan – All The Way info
Tek.Lun – Ascension feat Lakim info
Evil Needle & Sivey – Baby Ride Easy


Big love to everyone who’s played on air, sent us tracks and texts but most of all to everyone tuning in, you guys are alright in my books.
See you next year!


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