Just getting back on top of things now, lot’s of goodness coming up on Future Face this year



Ingenious Please Compilation

by Souletiquette

The amazing radio show/collective Souletiquette have put tohether this cracking compilation. Featuring a bunch of Future Face favourites from all over the globe and at the tasty name your price style this ones a no brainer





by Donkey Pitch

Some super tasty remixes from the Donkey Pitch roster and friends. Stacks of squelchy dance floor numbers and floaty synth pieces.




2010* [unreleased beats]

by Beat Master Beat

Beat Master Beat aka SPACEKID aka Wayne Tweed dumped this great collection of unreleased beats on his bandcamp. Heaps of funky synth flavours and pounding beats bringing just the right amount of funk.




1 Year Of Rootnote

by Rootnote Collective

Another killer compilation this week, this time from San Fran’s Rootnote Collective. Some OG beat makers on this one spanning that jazzy, downtempo, bass vibe.





Herzeloyde – Pull info
Chef Red – Floating info
Oknai – Cloud Forest (Pixelord Remix) info
Yahtzel – If You Leave info
weirdinside – sink or swim info
Ruff Draft – Dream Organics info
Zuper – Wavey info
Elusive – Solaretym info
Gypsey Mamba – Simps info
Lege Kale – 6th God (Drake Flip) info
Flako – Kuku info
Taj – Taj Yo’self (Jael Flip) info
Kuna Maze – Ain’t no snitch info
BMB – Toasterjam info
Adam Santoya – 5am info
Go Yama – Humble Brag info
Stwo – Eden (Papertoy Remix) info
Julien Mier – Out of the Cloud

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