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heyya. get at these fire releases from the last week or so for maximum street credibility.


First up, our mates Gentle records just dropped this gem tape from our dude Entheo.. dude stepped up his already solid game hard. full of future beats and bright synths. win.

⟡ ◊ ⋄ ⬡ ❤ CRUSH ❤ ⬡ ⋄ ◊ ⟡



Melodysoul just dropped their debut compilation (!), full of lush chilla instrumental hiphop, its a very solid comp. free DL

Compilation Vol. 1

by MelodySoul


Potatohead People! Bringing the vibes on this… came out a few weeks ago and we slept on it. but man this is so smooth and polished and lovely. been repping astrological from day dot, and he keeps stepping up!


bangarangbanging beats

sup internet. fun radio show last night > you can listen back here if you desire. or just check our picks from our favesies releases of the last week or so


These guys have a deceptively hard name to pronounce on the fly.. however they make up for it with some large trap bangers, even hinting at jungle influences at times…. super solid stuff that we all love from the Saturate fam

Banganagangbangers – Loyalty Lane (STRTEP033)

by Banganagangbangers


Newcastle boss Jaytee has just dropped his new EP Red Shift on digi and vinyl (purchase). Its full of big bangers, with a nice amount of breathing space. verydope

Red Shift

by JayteeHazard


Sydney dude Afresh just dropped his 2nd tape for free DL. some nice chilled yet big beats here > get it

fufa treats <~~~~~~

Hey kids. Whats up? Dr. Roldawg holding the show down last night. Here are some of our top fresh releases;

Furious Styles


Our mates drtyshdwsprjkt have put out a very fresh record from Brisbane based EXPLOKO. Dude delivers with some great beats.


Never Slept Volume 002

by Never Slept

Never Slept have delivered large styles on their second comp, volume 2 > from trap, future beats to juke and in betweeners this album is quality intelligent bangers from start to finish, free download > also bunus is that it features fufa co-host roleo 🙂


Not Without

by Conrank

Our Perth mates Die High deliver the goods with this dope release from Conrank… if ur ever gonna DJ some heavy trap stuff at a party, this is the shit u wanna play. #rave




Some chilla comp from the dudes at BLVNT records to celebrate 10,000 followers on some kind of social media site which they dont specifically mention. cant be bothered googling. very dope chilled beats stuff though, cop it FREE DL


Stream the show here: http://fbiradio.com/programs/future-face/

Full playlist:

Exploko – Furious Styles

Conrank – NotWithout

Raadsel & Grapes – Feet Clap

Tak.Lun – Get Me

Sam Gellaitry – Monochrome

Klue – Way I’m Lovin You

Sea Point – Passeig

Tsuruda – Plastic Bounce

Spirals – Cardo

Meare – Main Squeeze

Ruff Draft – Early Show

Meare – Different Shades

Kaytranada – At All

DrewsThatDude – Peace Osaka

Nujabes ft. Shing02 – Battlecry (orijanus Remix)

Insightful – The Energy She Sheds

Shatter Hands – Driftwood (Original Mix)

Exploko – La Discotheque

Danny Breaks – MS20 Beat

Exploko – Lemon Saw Bass

deadxbeat – Only Human

Exile – Lu Lu Bye                info

Flamingosis – Stay Humble

Bhonstro – Drizzle

Jonny Faith – Slumber


Fresh Future Friday!

.. welcome to fresh future fridayl were we post out favesies releases of the late week or so… if ya missed the radio show, stream on demand at FBIRADIO.. also we are now getting replayed on FBi Click 6am and 6pm Wednesday nights. digital radio is so future….



Russ Liquid – In Love

This free album from Russ Liquid is totes worth having to click the download button on each of the 15 tracks. a more chilla baby making vibe from russ.



Skydreams – SKY07


Sydney crew Skydreams just dropped a new tape.. featuring a few nice selections of beat, including a standout jam from option command! #FREE


Meare – So Fine/Eyes On remix EP

Our m8 Meare stopped by for a special mix a few weeks back, was very dope. he dropped this PaperToy remix in there which is now out!


Playlist :::

Russ Liquid – NYC Blue   

This Mess – Glowbe       

Option Command – Webz            

Slamagotchi – Night Crawler       

Boats – Official  

Mux Mool – Weederlude             

Haan808 – Paris Talks     

Go Yama x Elaquent – Taste So Sweet Real          

This Mess – Side By Side                info

Baloon The Boom – Tonight Part II           

Trian Kayhatu – Beats For B         

JuSoul – Untitled              

Bingo Bailey – Hit Fit       

Free The Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit)

Doshy – Redworm           

Harmonic313 – Cycletron              

DOC Mastermind – Cold Steel

Meare – Eyes On (fm Remix)      

De’kcuf – The Joker        

tomtom – Lorenzo          

Mono/Poly – Ra Rise      

Beat Gates – Stoned Balkans      

Evil Needle & Sivey – Royal Jelly

Swarvy – Creepin             

Ruff Draft – Greatest Feeling      

Maybewise – No One Else           

Russ Liquid – How Long 

Baauer – Clang   info

Meare – So Fine (Papertoy Remix)          

Melty – Underground Lake         

Rustie – Raptor  info

Jailo & Kppa Kavi – Why Don’t You (boeboe remix)            i

Doshy – Midnight Request Line 

Hidden Peaks – Don’t Want To Swim       

Pixelord – Google Yourself          

Loscoe – BDC     

Gilespie – Love On The Desktop

fubu fufa

this week on FUFA, so much goodies friends. please do peep. we played lots of forthoming biz in there too, so look out for newness from MAD HOP, Darker Than Wax X Cascade + more.

if you missed the show, stream it here >> http://fbiradio.com/program/future-face/



Eyes On / So Fine EP

by Meare

Sydney junior don Meare has just dropped possibly the freshest local release of the year? thick dancefloor vibes, with hints at hiphop and burial-esque atmos.



by Soulection

Them Soulection dudes always bring the heat! This comp is to celebrate 100,000 soundcloud followers, full of chilla vibes in a slightly more house direction than normal… dope.


ITALDRED – Chronic Organicism Part 1.

by Italdred Records

wow! This is a seriously THICK compilation, looks like its only A to C too which is exciting. Fre download with many FUFA faves in there.


Kaytranada – Whatever

normally when you see people drop a free release with no real push or artwork etc you expect to take it for what it is, but damn this free release Kaytra dropped is very very dope, do not sleeP



Peace till next with from Tobio & Roleo aka FUFA // FBI Radio


Meare – Eyes On

starRo – Lust

Leon Osborne – Rolls

Mr. Carmack – Preeeeeemo

EllisRegina – OTrenAzul (Neguim Remix)

Abhi-Dijon – Let You Know (Neguim Remix)

Meare – So Fine

Pixelord – Google Yourself

Hairy Knuckles – I Know Your Waiting

Samename – Nuriko

A Sol Mechanic – Fixation

Eprom – Rok U

Kaytranada – Not TO Play With

Coco Bryce – The Lover   info

Fitz Ambro$e – Good Vibration

axion117 – George Meets George

Ill Sugi – Buba      info

[KSG] – Chop.Fried.Skrimp

Chief – Count In  info

Kaytranada – Regrets

Haotic – Chocolate Room

Bambooman – Knox

Jacob 2-2 – Riker’s Beard

De’kcuf – Coconut Bounce

Victory Garden & John Pon(d)scum – Gigawatt

El. Train – Solar Monsoon

Hyena – Haydiroket

Dalt Wisney – Silkworm

en2ak – A Thing About A Purple Moon

Loscoe – BDC


feature food >>

Futureface 03.04.2014 >

Favesies releases from the last few weeks:


Some great beats from this yung Baltimore gun.. put out for free by our friends HW&W Recordings

Ridin’ Round

by Tek.lun


Well known and much loved Newcastle hiphop producer and DJ Jaytee has dropped a sweet well overdue EP, vibing on straight up hiphop and trap influences. FREE download this now. killa

Cold Blue

by Jaytee


Loscoe is a 4 man collab from Belgium, with some BIG experimental ambient trap vibes. luv this.

Soulection White Label: 007

by Loscoe


Some of these beats have been released in various other forms… but if you are into the heavier darker side of trap and beats, cop this gold from Saturate and Clap Your Feet.

Mondaze Finest Vol. 1

by Clap Your Feet


Listen to FUFA 030414 HERE


Daktyl – Do Without (Chief Remix)

Elaquent – Yessss. (Floetry Say Yes Remix)

Smika – 81 = 42″

Ta-Ku – Shwuak

Insightful – It’s All In My Head

Carpet Patrol – Game Of Tork

shagabond – Milk/Cookies

Oisima – Glow (83 Remix)

M-Phazes – Put In Work

Dj Pound – Shiee

Charred Comp80 – Hyupiana

Tek.Iun – Wurly

Gilespy – My Little Selfie

Dear Lola – Cosmetics

Lockah – Contact With Big Lockah

ima – window ripping

Da-P x Tigerblood – Rock U (Seventh Wonder Edit)

Losco – Wheninfo

Insightful – Out There

Tek.Iun – Get Me.

Tek.Iun – Ascension feat. Lakim

Oscar Corrigan – All The Way

Paces – Open Up Your Eyes (Cheifs Remix)

Jaytee – Cold Blue

Noah Harvey – Knockturnal

Jaytee – Drift

3LLL – ????

Ganz & Eloq – Fortress

Leon Osborn – Rolls

SBTRKT – Stifle

Oxossi – Tippy-Toeing

Slugabed – Girl Fuk You

Haan808 – Past Time Lines

NoMad – Jago’s Pressure

Axion117 – S

Igloohost – Indian Elephants

fishin fo beatz

Mad fun radio show times with our homie illumes dropping by for special guest mix 🙂

Had some nice dubs on the show this week, previewing some forthcoming Hyperboloid and Activa Benz business…can’t wait for this Gillespy EP to drop. fiya.

A few of our fave releases from the last week >>


Various Artists – Activa Frenz Vol. 1

Slugabed’s Activa Benz label are gonna drop their new comp ‘Activa Frenz’ next week; preview here:


Our mates at MAD HOP, have dropped a Dnte remix EP, which is full of heavy big bagnaz.. free DL too

Dnte – Translucent Remixes


Melbourne family Uncomfortable Beats have put out a dope new dub step release from Bristol come Melbourne producer Titus 12

Titus 12 – Karnak


Fun times!!!

Don’t forget to hit up our facecrack > and if you missed the show, stream it on demand

Full tracklist:

Oisima – Hard Time (Portformat Remix)

Evil Needle X Samuel Truth – Sade Jam

Sekuola – Soething We Lost

DJ Vadim – Depend On (Dub Version)

Major Lazer – Come On To Me (Chiefs Bootleg)

Spoonty – Club Neptune

Dnte – Translucent (Koloah Remix)

Lockah – Ayyo Tricknology

DJ DJ Boorh – C U L8R

ELOQ – Horny Loop

Gillespie – My Little Selfie

Oisima – Hard Time (Good Paul Remix)


Titus 12 – Junktion (Able8 Remix)

Gillespy – Qwerty Girl

Krane – Skinwalker

Typhonic – So Fresh