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sup internet. fun radio show last night > you can listen back here if you desire. or just check our picks from our favesies releases of the last week or so


These guys have a deceptively hard name to pronounce on the fly.. however they make up for it with some large trap bangers, even hinting at jungle influences at times…. super solid stuff that we all love from the Saturate fam

Banganagangbangers – Loyalty Lane (STRTEP033)

by Banganagangbangers


Newcastle boss Jaytee has just dropped his new EP Red Shift on digi and vinyl (purchase). Its full of big bangers, with a nice amount of breathing space. verydope

Red Shift

by JayteeHazard


Sydney dude Afresh just dropped his 2nd tape for free DL. some nice chilled yet big beats here > get it


fufa treats <~~~~~~

Hey kids. Whats up? Dr. Roldawg holding the show down last night. Here are some of our top fresh releases;

Furious Styles


Our mates drtyshdwsprjktΒ have put out a very fresh record from Brisbane based EXPLOKO. Dude delivers with some great beats.


Never Slept Volume 002

by Never Slept

Never Slept have delivered large styles on their second comp, volume 2 > from trap, future beats to juke and in betweeners this album is quality intelligent bangers from start to finish, free download >Β also bunus is that it features fufa co-host roleo πŸ™‚


Not Without

byΒ Conrank

Our Perth mates Die High deliver the goods with this dope release from Conrank… if ur ever gonna DJ some heavy trap stuff at a party, this is the shit u wanna play. #rave




Some chilla comp from the dudes at BLVNT records to celebrate 10,000 followers on some kind of social media site which they dont specifically mention. cant be bothered googling. very dope chilled beats stuff though, cop it FREE DL


Stream the show here:Β

Full playlist:

Exploko – Furious Styles

Conrank – NotWithout

Raadsel & Grapes – Feet Clap

Tak.Lun – Get Me

Sam Gellaitry – Monochrome

Klue – Way I’m Lovin You

Sea Point – Passeig

Tsuruda – Plastic Bounce

Spirals – Cardo

Meare – Main Squeeze

Ruff Draft – Early Show

Meare – Different Shades

Kaytranada – At All

DrewsThatDude – Peace Osaka

Nujabes ft. Shing02 – Battlecry (orijanus Remix)

Insightful – The Energy She Sheds

Shatter Hands – Driftwood (Original Mix)

Exploko – La Discotheque

Danny Breaks – MS20 Beat

Exploko – Lemon Saw Bass

deadxbeat – Only Human

Exile – Lu Lu ByeΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  info

Flamingosis – Stay Humble

Bhonstro – Drizzle

Jonny Faith – Slumber


Beats Weekly

Another week of killer tunes




byΒ Flamingosis

Stylish moves from Flamingosis, out through Keats Collective – purveyors of tasty future funk goodness. Pay what you want styles.





byΒ Liquid Rockz

Super awesome South American folk inspired flips, remixes and skews out through Clap Your Feet. Some very luscious tracks and bangers too.





by Bhonstro

Out through the always delightful Laruche Records comes this sizzler from Bhonstro. Tasty tasty old school boom bap vibes galore.





byΒ Frenquency

I totally goofed on air with this dudes name, FreNQUency bringing the bangers this week out through Saturate Records. Really nice snappy percussion, deep subs and some excellent remixes from the saturate crew especially Luisterwaar’s.





Medies – Persian Day info
Liquid Rockz – Pfausen info
Mura Masa – The Way I Want You info
Was Legit – I Want Chocolate info
Flamingosis – Cup of Ramen (feat. Go Yama) info
Oknai – Cloud Forest (Pixelord Remix) info
Liquid Rockz – La Pataleta info
Louis Futon – Drunk info
Frequency – No More Colors ft. Atlantic (The Originalz Remix)
Ruff Draft – Electric Memories info
BSN Posse – Kodai info
Bhonstro – Saize info
Sweatson Klank – Listen To The Love info
C Y G N – Supernova info
Nomo King – Rumour Has It info
Morillo – S.S.S. info
Beat-Maker-Beat – Psyonautica info
Nosmo King – Grand Lasrony info
Skrude – BTG info
? – Headnod Shit info
Jonny Faith – Thin Air info
Nosmo King – Run Shop Ransack info
Oknai – Rust (Borka Remix) info
Mr. Dibiase – Madness info
Mike Gao – Thirst (feat. Mr Carmack) info
Frequency – Drop Down info
Liquid Rockz – Lurch info
Touchy Subject – Polite Pilote (FLTCHR MNSON remix) info
Frequency – Greyscale (Luisterwaar Remix)
SPELLWRKS – Radiator
Flamingosis – Can It Be info
SPELLWRKS – Overbite
Louis Futon – Take Off
Flamigosis – Stay Humble
Moment – Beautiful
Wor’king – Romance info
Wor’king – Love Date info
Tuxedo – Number 1
IAMNOBODI – Mr West info
Mike Gao – Just Do You info
Obey City – Cloud Lust info
fLako – Mating Dance info
Kaytranada – Leve me Alone


Just getting back on top of things now, lot’s of goodness coming up on Future Face this year



Ingenious Please Compilation

by Souletiquette

The amazing radio show/collective Souletiquette have put tohether this cracking compilation. Featuring a bunch of Future Face favourites from all over the globe and at the tasty name your price style this ones a no brainer





by Donkey Pitch

Some super tasty remixes from the Donkey Pitch roster and friends. Stacks of squelchy dance floor numbers and floaty synth pieces.




2010* [unreleased beats]

by Beat Master Beat

Beat Master Beat aka SPACEKID aka Wayne Tweed dumped this great collection of unreleased beats on his bandcamp. Heaps of funky synth flavours and pounding beats bringing just the right amount of funk.




1 Year Of Rootnote

by Rootnote Collective

Another killer compilation this week, this time from San Fran’s Rootnote Collective. Some OG beat makers on this one spanning that jazzy, downtempo, bass vibe.





Herzeloyde – Pull info
Chef Red – Floating info
Oknai – Cloud Forest (Pixelord Remix) info
Yahtzel – If You Leave info
weirdinside – sink or swim info
Ruff Draft – Dream Organics info
Zuper – Wavey info
Elusive – Solaretym info
Gypsey Mamba – Simps info
Lege Kale – 6th God (Drake Flip) info
Flako – Kuku info
Taj – Taj Yo’self (Jael Flip) info
Kuna Maze – Ain’t no snitch info
BMB – Toasterjam info
Adam Santoya – 5am info
Go Yama – Humble Brag info
Stwo – Eden (Papertoy Remix) info
Julien Mier – Out of the Cloud

2015 Booya!

Tobio & Roleo back in action for 2015 – good to be back on your radio waves



Natural Selections

byΒ Uncomfortable Beats

The always amazing Uncomfortable Beats crew down in Melbourne have put together a tasty compilation of beat makers from around the globe including Fufa’s Roleo and many favourites.




Hypochondriatics (B version)

byΒ Go Yama

Darker than Wax affiliate Go Yama brings the goods on this follow up to last years Hypochonfriatics. Expect a few reworks and plenty of new bizz, tasty stuff!




Beat Tape Schitt

byΒ Danny Breaks

Danny Breaks dropped a beast of a beat tape late last year. Plenty of synthy goodness on this one.





Teebs – Yellow Cover (ft. Ages) info
Meare – Walked Away info
Thriftworks – Pearly Whites info
Giraffage – Be With You info
Fair Fields – Square Eyes info
Vesper Town – King George info
Go Yama – Plate of win info
Okey Szoke – Crew Montagem (Strict Face Remix) info
Mozzdeep – Kimono info
Tar-Nay – Tonight info
DOS4GW – It’s Snowing info
Borealis – Not of this Reality (Synkro Remix) info
Je$u$ – Two Options info
Djemba Djemba – Macking in the Car (Adustio Remix) info
Weirdinside – Falling Suitcase info
Bambu Hands – Cold Rocks info
Thriftworks – One Nation Under info
VATOGATO – poundofpurp info
Nomad – Sun info
JuSoul – Depression info
Morillo – S.S.S. info
Mr. Carmack – Kick it Up info
Losco – Sir Up info
Ja:Kova – Venus info
Go Yama – Bottom Ramen info
Hairy Knuckles – Kung Fu Mofo’s info
Entro – Northern Lights info
Mecca:83 – All Mine info
Mecca:83 – Love Story info
Wermonster – Constantine info
Stwo – Eden (Jimmy Pe Remix) info
Lorn – Arid info
Braeden Bailey – Typhoon info
Midflite – Panorama Flashbacks info
Bonobo – Return to Air info
Danny Breaks – Titanik (Pt1 + 2) info
Dusty Ohms – Sinoptic International info
Danny Breaks – MS20 Beat info
Polographia – AM info
Telescopic Theives – info
Downstate – Saturn of 95 info
Grub – St Pepper info
Cotton Claw – Naked (Slugabed remix) info
Siren – Maybe

Last post of the year

So many good tunes this year from all over the world but I think Sydney/Australia really stepped up their future beat/bass game.
We didn’t get a chance to play all our favourites but here’s what we did play:

Mr Carmack – Money is for Rent Not for the Soul info
Subp Yao – Dat Thing info
Domba – Bipolar info
Persian Empire – Mongo Maracuja info
Maybewise – No One info
Eloquent – Yesssss. (Floetry Say Tes Remix)
Jeftuz – Spaced Out info
Melodiesinfonie – Galactic Wellness info
Swarvy – Creepin info
M. Constant – Funes info
Asian Grandfather – Marvin info
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Anatole – Undercurrent info
Scientific – Porcelain info
Joker – Head Trip info
Anomie – First World Problems info
Boeboe – Drift info
Iglooghost – Indian Elephants info
A Sol Mechanic – Fixation info
Know V.A. – Flew info
Flying Lotus – Cronus, The Terminator info
Haan808 – Paris Talks ft. Monk info
Losco – XXXX info
Mr Carmack – Kick It Up info
Insightful – It’s All in My Mind info
El. Train – Lucid Dreams info
Free the Robots – Frownin (Robot Edit) info
JuSoul – Untitled info
Slamagotchi – Take Flight info
Maloon the Boom – Sinister Dance info
Hiatus Kaiyote – The World It Softly Lulls (Dan Marshall Flip) info
Jacob 2-2 – Riker’s Beard info
Deft – Promise Me info
Jozz Scott – Neurochem info
Boats – YUP info
Mr Carmack – Blouses info
Samuel Truth – Black & White info
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (KRTS Remix) info
S.F.T. – Tokyo Swing info
Ben Bada Boom & Amin Payne – Sunset on Saturn (Budamonk Remix) info
Wermonster – Sound Der Stadt (Able8 Remix) info
Hidden Orchestra – Spoken (Submerse Remix) info
Defton x Panther God – I Tried
Bambooman – Knox info
Comfort Fit – Hypnic Jerk info
Aphex Twin – Produk 29 info
Mono/Poly – Ra Rise info
Laxe – Claps info
Oscar Corrigan – All The Way info
Tek.Lun – Ascension feat Lakim info
Evil Needle & Sivey – Baby Ride Easy


Big love to everyone who’s played on air, sent us tracks and texts but most of all to everyone tuning in, you guys are alright in my books.
See you next year!


If you missed this weeks show you can catch it here




by Thriftworks

Second release this month from Thriftworks and he’s dropping another in 2 weeks! Very tasty release




The GreenBox

by Tek.lun

Killer little EP from Tek.lun put out through Huh What & Where and available at Soundcloud




In My Dreams

byΒ Harris Cole

New bizz from Harris Cole up for free DL. Really rockin the old school vibes, this release is just in time for the Sydney heat wave





Tek.lun – Heart in the Mind
Deebs – Morning Sun info
Laxe – One info
DJ Pound – Shoulder Lick info
Tek.lun – CLOX(5Thirty)
Deebs – Waves
Deebs – At Last info
Blap Deli – Gravel info
Koen – 1150 info
Thriftworks – 180 info
Shlump – In the Lab info
DJ Pound – SHoulder Lick (The Originalz & Doshy Remix) info
Trian Kayhatu – Hymn (Sh?m’s laid back remix) info
Thriftworks – Lower Sproul
Harris Cole – All My Love w/ Howie Lee
Oscar Corrigan – You Don’t Listen
Thriftworks – Chiny Chuna info
Meare – Mearellionaire info
Thriftworks – Cooter Shooter info
Singularis – Head Up info
Koen – 1141 info
Afresh – Power
Jonny Faith – Zheng info
Thriftworks – Tigers’ Eye Pad
My Kingdom – Falling Down
Diversa – Bathe info
Maxx Baer x KRNE – Cosmic Canyon info
Shlump – Bounce info
Harris Cole – In My Dreams info
Thriftworks – Billy’s First Wander info
Harris Cole – Enigma w/ Es K info
Diversa – Live Again info
Tek.lun – The GreenBox info
Keoo Nic – Boardwalk
Flamingosis & A Sol Mechanic – Too Real info
Je$u$ – Let
Je$u$ – Love
Tobacco Rat – pfunk 600 info
Je$u$ – Work
Elbee – Who Likes Virtual
P Major – Snowflakes info
Wols – Icy-Orby