F-Face back again for another jam packed show – catch it back here >>> stream on demand.

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by kLL sMTH

Really digging this release from Denver producer kLL sMTH, some very big tracks on this one at name your price styles.

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Superspeed EP

by Lido & Canblaster

Norway’s Lido & Frenchman Canblaster serve up a super tasty EP out now through Belgium label Pelican Fly. Grab it through iTunes/Stream it below.

…¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸·.>>–» [[ ]]«—<<·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.¤…

Looking For The Perfect Beat Vol. 3

by StillMuzik

Parisian label StillMuzik is back with their Looking For The Perfect Beat series. Volume 3 brings some fresh blood to the table serving us a blap-tastic compilation of some fine beat makers. Name your price stylz
…¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸·.>>–» [[ ]]«—<<·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.¤…

If you’ve been making some tunes lately don’t be shy, hit us up on futurefaceradio @ gmail.com

Check the playlist>>>>

Unkowen – Timeshift
Entheo – Half Moon feat Maia
Snakehips – I’m Gone info
Mozzdeep – Harpy
EPROM – Poison Mind info
Mozzdeep – East3D info
Zeke Beats – Pay Attention info
Go Yamma – Cat Allergy
Lido & Canblaster – Hyperspeed info
Cup of Ramen (ft. Go Yamma) – Flamingosis
Xixool – Love & Stuffs info
Entheo – 1hp info
28 Underground – Crook info
Kll Smth – Evapor8 info
Ribongia – Nomades Du Niger info
L’homme aux 4 Letters – Neoprene ft. Billion Dollars info
Jozz Scott – Rear Window info
kLL sMTH – DIsheveled info
Lido & Canblaster – Rush Hour info
DYLMA – Wouldn’t You info
GANZ – The New Era info
Mike Gao – Thirst ft. Mr Carmack
C Y G N & Yclept Insan – Strollin’ info
No Identity – Universe info
Doc Mastermind – Lft_Rte
BlakeSMITH – PhiliCOQ
En2ak – PillPopper
El Train – Ohbaby. info
Parker Madacine – Mazimuth (Mosaic Beats Remix)
Ears – Scorpian Schallenge
Raph Lauren – Yellow
Tuxedo – So Good (Dmitri from Paris Remix)
Fulgeance – Les Meduses info
Entheo – Infinity
Tonberrie – Walk info
Marlin – Everlasting info
KR$SHN – Trunk Volume
Tonberrie – June
Bambooman – Chambers info
Lapalux – Don’t Mean A Thing info
Meare – Main Squeeze info
Sam Gellaitry – To Earth and Back info
JaysWays – Snapped Wires info
Flamingosis – Groovin’ (feat. Yung Bae)

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